True Detective

An excellent series with rather special credits. The detailed ‘Making of’ article is worth a read too.

25 days ago

The Merit Shop

Sing a song. Tell a joke. Do whatever. Use creativity instead of money. Here lies a little corner shop of anarchy, the value is all in you! (via Sammi Lloyd).

118 days ago

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

— Benjamin Franklin
136 days ago

The Bomb In The Garden

It’s now or nev­er for the web. The web is a medi­um for cre­ators, in­clud­ing de­sign­ers. But af­ter 20 years, the web still has no cul­ture of de­sign ex­cel­lence. Why is that?

164 days ago

Project Loon

Hugely inspiring project with a lovely video to boot. Google announce balloon-powered Internet for everyone.

308 days ago

Internet Archive the (short) Documentry

“Internet Archive” is a short documentary about the Internet Archive, the vast digital library with a mission to provide “universal access to all knowledge.”

322 days ago

Smart Citizen Kit

Participate in the deployment of a crowdsourced, interactive, worldwide environmental database. The Smart Citizen kit is an open source environmental monitoring platform and you should back it on Kickstarter.

332 days ago

There are two ways to be rich: one is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.

— Jackie French Koller
1 year, 28 days ago

Husbands — “Dream”

Laser and hand cut kinetic typography by Cauboyz.

1 year, 41 days ago