BitTorrent Browser

BitTorrent Inc have been developing a whole heap of interesting software on the bittorrent protocol over recent months. The latest announcement is a the plan to use the same technology in a browser. With any luck it will help overcome some of the major issues facing the modern Internet (privacy, censorship, domain seizures and ISP blocking).

2 years, 296 days ago

Private Eye

Private Eye is a real time network monitoring app for OS X that shows all live network connections (via Lifehacker).

5 years, 43 days ago


Feeling nostalgic? VirtualC64 is an open source emulator for the Commodore 64 personal computer than runs on Mac OS X.

5 years, 240 days ago


A beautiful and simple Markdown application for Mac.

5 years, 338 days ago


Plex is a feature rich home media server and front end for all your photos, videos and music. It works on virtually any platform and even allows for simple remote access via myPlex.

5 years, 344 days ago


Boxer plays all the MS-DOS games of your misspent youth, on your Mac.

7 years, 34 days ago

Goodbye Basecamp

We hoped Basecamp would be like putting a designer into the office of every client, a way to improve communication and bring them closer to the design process. …keep calm and carry on »

9 years, 74 days ago

Download Firefox Day

Everyone’s favourite web browser is attempting to set a new world record with the release of Firefox 3 towards the end of June on Tuesday 17th July. Help break the download record and get involved using the link above.

9 years, 129 days ago