Responsible WordPress

Illustration of various gadgets including iPad, Nintendo DS and iMac

One of my favourite tools for testing responsive sites has long been the viewport resizer bookmaklet. At the touch of a button it allows you to view your site at a range of popular device widths (iPhone, tablet etc). What is particularly handy is that your browser stays at full width so your developer tools stay nice and large, making styles and scripts easier to debug.

On a recent client site we felt it would be useful for content editors to easily preview their content at different device widths. These editors didn’t have access to theme WordPress customiser so we looked at providing them access to the viewport resizer bookmarklet via the admin bar. Responsible was born.

Responsible has one filter that allows you register a customised bookmarklet.

add_filter('responsible_bookmarklet', 'custom_bookmarklet');
function custom_bookmarklet() {
    return '';  // add your generated bookmarklet here

You can generate your own custom bookmarklet to use with the filter on the viewport resizer website.

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