CodeCanyon… I’m Out

For the last two years I have been selling a handful of premium WordPress plugins on the Envato marketplace, CodeCanyon. Today I made the decision to remove them from the site.

CodeCanyon Logo

There are a number of reasons I have made this decision:

Updates and Support

I have not provided updates to any of the plugins in the last six months. The plugins are working well but could do with development of new features and refinement (especially with WordPress 3.6 just around the corner). I currently have a fairly decent feedback rating on the site and I would rather remove them at this point than have this reputation slip due to lack of updates and support.


Almost all of the CodeCanyon catalogue is available for free and I am seeing an increased number of support requests coming from people who have not purchased the plugins. Envato are doing very little to protect authors from this and if my work is being shared for free I would rather be the person to do it.

Fees and Promotion

Envato also do very little to promote authors. On its own this would not be a huge problem, but coupled with the large commission fees it starts to become a much bigger issue.

and finally…

Better Places to Sell

Better options for selling WordPress plugins and themes have emerged in the last twelve months. Better in terms of fees and better in their approach to open source and the respective licences.


If you have purchased a plugin from me then please keep in touch. At least half of my premium plugins will be appearing on and GitHub in the near future with new tweaks and improvements.