WP Instagram Widget

A few weeks ago and without much noise I pushed the unimaginatively named WP Instagram widget to WordPress.org. The widget is a no fuss WordPress widget to showcase your latest Instagram pics.

Instagram Logo on blue background

The plugin was written for some client work @ CFTP and is unique in that it requires no authentication against the Instagram API. Instead it scrapes the publicly accessible JSON from the Instagram website.

There is a increasing trend within the world of startups to lock your content away. Twitter taking away RSS is a good example of this and it’s not something I agree with. Of course authentication should be required for certain features but making it harder to access my own content is not cool.

In a short time the plugin has proved rather popular so it looks like folk are quite fond of this simple approach too. The popularity is such that I am considering using the same approach in a few more plugins.

The widget has two filters. The first allows you adjust that cache time for retrieving the images from Instagram:

add_filter('null_instagram_cache_time', 'my_cache_time');
function my_cache_time() {
    return HOUR_IN_SECONDS;

The second allows you to filter video results from the widget:

add_filter('wpiw_images_only', '__return_true');

In version 1.3 I have also added two new hooks for adding custom output before and after the widget:


You can contribute to the plugin on GitHub or:

Download from WordPress.org