Hello, my name is Scott Evans. I’m a digital designer/developer with interests in interaction, usability and interface design. I believe in an open Internet, open source and better — not more. I write about these things occasionally in my journal and you can browse some of my recent work and personal projects below.

farnhammaltings.com framed in an iPad and mobile phone.

Farnham Maltings

Arts, Craft & Theatre

The brief was to create a site that would replace the existing print brochure, improve usability and most importantly encourage people to discover new and unexpected content.

The new site is powered by WordPress and allows staff to pick and choose from a range of content to create unique page layouts that aid discovery.

  • Lo-Stock Logo
  • Windmill set agains a blue sky
  • Vintage bicycle against orange wall
  • lo-stock.com set in an iPad
  • lo-stock.com set in browser chrome


Stock Photography with Soul

A personal project to reinvent stock photography, in collaboration with Gemma Garner. We love snapping pictures on retro cameras and the results are miles apart from the lifeless stock on offer elsewhere. Our photos have soul and a super simple licence structure. A small selection of photos are also available on PhotoDune.net.

null, open source, WordPress and GitHub logos


Open Source WordPress Starter/Parent Theme Framework

null is a tinkerers framework with ambitions to be the smartest, fastest and simplest way to build WordPress themes. null provides a platform for both rapid prototyping and production sites and can be used as either a starter theme or parent theme.

It’s fully buzzword compliant (HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Responsive, HiDPI) and integrates with the WordPress theme customiser, theme options and a handful of the most popular plugins.

illustration of a bin filled with robot parts


Handmade Clothes for Gadgets

We buy beautiful, expensive gadgets and then rely on poorly made, mass produced sleeves to protect them. toggle are on a mission to reverse this trend by making affordable, environmentally friendly, handmade cases that protect your technology.

The site uses illustration to tell the toggle brand story and is clean and minimal to keep the shopping experience quick and painless.

Screen grab the Sky Movies Intranet


Intranet for Sky Movies

The expanding Sky Movies team needed a quick a easy way to keep track of everyone within the group and their roles within the different genre departments. They also wanted to share news and photos from internal events.

The Intranet was delivered using a bespoke CMS and designed around the on screen branding at the time.

  • Tutpup Logo
  • Two you girls playing on a Dell Laptop
  • A rabbit illustration in bright pink
  • The Tutpup site in an iPad
  • The Tutpup site in a screen


Play. Compete. Learn.

Tutpup allows children from across the planet to compete whilst playing mini educational games. As a young Internet start-up, Tutpup were on the look out for creative ideas to improve their application and make it more attractive to their young target audience.

Thom Yorke

The Clock

D&AD student brief to create a music video for Thom Yorke’s “The Clock” — a song about climate change.

Studio time, video editing, touring, CD manufacturing and shipping are just a few of the environmentally intensive tasks that go into making four minutes of entertainment. My solution was to research the environmental impact of creating my video, then mix it with visual cues from both BP’s & Thom Yorke’s branding.

The video took first place in the 2007 Global student awards.

An animated GIF that depicts a patient inserting a suppository

Speclative & Pository

A Remedy for Junk News

The news is full of speculation and misery. Luckily, regular use of my patent pending Internet medication can remedy this.

Speclative and Pository are two browser bookmarklets that determine if an article is worth reading or not. They save your time and your sanity. The source code for both projects is available on GitHub.