• Role: Website design
  • Skills: UI design, Development, Branding, Illustration
  • Tools: Creative Suite, WordPress
  • Duration: Two months
  • Iterations: Three

toggle was a boutique gadget case company. Each case a handmade labour of love, designed to protect your precious gadgets, with a little extra personality.

Grey knitted case for iPhone with large wooden toggle

The company was created to offer an alternative to the mass produced, environmentally destructive, synthetic cases that had flooded the market since the release of the first iPhone. The bet was that if people were going to be spending thousands of pounds on smartphones and laptops, they would want to give them a little extra love and protection.

Boxy looking robot with ear horns

toggle cases were all made from sustainable materials such as wool, upcycled fabrics and old clothing. The products were shipped in recycled “preloved” packaging too.

We liked to say the cases were “made by people, for machines”.

Grey knitted case for iPhone with large wooden toggle

This was the third version of the toggle shop that I designed and built. This version was powered by WooCommerce and WordPress.

Pink vintage iPhone case Knitted blue laptop case with chunky wood buttons Two polka dot iPhone cases Knitted iPad case in white Postage label for preloved packaging Phone case with blue hearts Large wooden button Upcycled iPad case made from beige shorts

Unfortunately we had to wind the project down as the cost per case was pushing too high to be sustainable when competing against the mass produced cases on shops like Amazon.

Robot parts sticking out of the bin